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What is Speculative Fiction?

Sometimes called ‘what-if’ books. Speculative fiction changes the laws of what’s real or possible as we know them and speculates what could be instead. #speculativefiction #whatif #bookblog #writersguide

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Author Highlight REBECCA CAMM

Rebecca Camm is an Australian indie author, mother of two, and fantasy-romance enthusiast. Now, she’s released her first novel, Liars and Light, AVAILABLE NOW! Check out 21 questions with Rebecca Camm here!

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Author Highlight L.R. SCHULZ

L.R. Schulz is a Melbourne born fantasy author and primary school teacher with a love for reading and writing. During the covid outbreak, Schulz began writing his very own fantasy novel and then over the last twelve months underwent the…

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10 Authors You Didn’t Know Self-Published

Self-publishing has taken off in recent decades with more and more writers turning to self-publishing than going to big publishing houses like Orbit Books or Penguin House. You may be interested to know that publishing houses were not the traditional…

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How to Avoid Writer’s Block

Writer’s block can occur at any moment, even to the most seasoned of writers, making it difficult to string as little as two cohesive sentences together. When this happens, it can be disheartening as well as frustrating, so it’s important…

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Why You Should Read Banned Books

A Tennessee school board has recently banned Art Spiegelman’s Maus (1980) which details the experience of his father during the Holocaust. Parents and teachers have removed the graphic novel from its curriculum due to its “inappropriate language and nudity”. However, as Variety points out,…

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Why You Should Read Sci-Fi

My fellow humanoids (and other fun forms), You may or may not be aware of the great and terrible power that Science Fiction has! But, yes! it is indeed hugely responsible for shaping public opinion as it shows us wacky and terrifying…

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Why I Decided to Rebrand my Bookstagram

My sister first introduced me to bookstagram in 2018 when we were in our pique book swapping season, and honestly it was insta-love. I was mesmerised by the enormity that was the bookstagram community. To this day, I still find…

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