‘The first draft is black and white. Editing gives the story color.’ —Emma Hill

Editing Services

Why you need an editor

Editors are there to read over your manuscript with fresh eyes and attention to details that you may have missed even in your twelfth read over.

  • ensure readers’ enjoyment through ease of use and access
  • correct structure, flow, characterisation, and voice
  • correct language, expression, grammar, and punctuation.

I understand that no two manuscripts are the same and will work with you to provide tailored editing services to get your work to the level you’re reaching for.


The final once-over. If your work has already been edited and is in need of fresh eyes to make it as clean and tidy as poosible than this is for you! Proofreading is the final edit of a manuscript before being sent to publication. A proofread of your work focuses on correcting minor errors and inconsistencies line-by-line, page-by-page.
This option focuses on spelling, grammar and punctuation that may have been missed during the copyedit, ensuring the final layout for printing is uniform, with little to no feedback on the overall text. This takes the least amount of time and is ideal as a final step before publication.

per hour$35
per word (for projects over 10,000 words)$0.015
revisions includedx1
Prices are AUD. Get a quote for more details

Copy Edit

The tidy up. Copyediting focuses on correcting language, expression, grammar, and punctuation. This level of editing improves the readability of your manuscript and consistency throughout. This includes an input for sentence structure and feedback on plot holes that may be evident from a reader’s perspective. Copyediting also provides fact-checking (medical terms, flora & fauna species etc.) along with legal and ethical issues (libel, copyright etc.) to ensure the work is accurate and follows legal requirements to the best of its abilities.

per hour$45
per word (for projects over 10,000 words)$0.018
revisions includedx1
Prices are AUD. Get a quote for more details

Structural Edit

The in-depth edit. If you have not done any self-editing and want extensive feedback on your manuscript this option is for you! Structural edits focus on the structure, voice and flow of your work by ensuring characterisation is consistent, theme suitability for intended readers (Children, YA, Adult), offensive language/stereotypes, and the plot is clear and engaging.
This option provides the most feedback on your manuscript detailing both strengths and weaknesses in your writing to help improve your craft. This level of editing takes the most amount of time and is the most thorough, typically conducted after initial drafting has finished.

per hour$55
per word (for projects over 10,000 words)$0.02
revisions includedx1
Prices are AUD. Get a quote for more details

Alpha & Beta Reading

An alpha reader is the first person you share your unpolished work with for honest feedback. They are not meant to point out typos or grammar—that’s an editor’s job—they look at the whole picture and give feedback on plot holes, character development, overall understanding and enjoyment.
A beta reader is similar, only they will look at your work after you’ve spent some time polishing up the first draft or two. They also look at the big picture of what they liked and didn’t like, what works and what needs work. A beta reader is a good trial to see what potential readers will think once your book is published.
Along with reading your work, I provide an editorial letter detailing my main points of feedback, both good and bad.

Alpha Readingper 1,000 words$2.00
Beta Readingper 1,000 words$1.50
Editorial Letter included1-2 pages
get a quote for more details

Additional charges may include: extra revisions, attending meetings, other expenses such as postage, travel, and in-depth feedback or discussion outside of the original agreed quote.


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