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Journalist | Sub-Editor | Proofreader

The Australian Hardware Journal is Australia’s only hardware industry magazine, providing readers with a monthly dose of all the latest industry news – also updated regularly online – inside information on category trends and new product information, as well as plenty of business-to-business educational pieces to keep readers on the right track when running their business.

since May 2022

Copy Editor | Blurb

Country music legend, Dale Drayton has one last request: scatter his ashes in Mediterranean waters. But his son, Nolan Crawford is surprised to find that request is not only for him, but his ex-wife, Mary Grace Marlowe as well.
20 years after their divorce, Nolan has remarried, divorced and is the primary guardian of his six-year-old son; while Mary Grace lives a quiet life with her fiance, teaching interior design in upstate New York.

Dale’s final request reconnects them in more ways than one as memories of romantic days spent on Greece’s dazzling beaches flood to the surface for both Nolan and Mary Grace. Has the passage of time healed old wounds? Or has their once-in-a-lifetime love finally been laid to rest?

Publication due for 2023!

A child discovers the terrible secret of the garden shed. New housing estates become battlefields. A werewolf returns to the loving arms of their family. Australia’s colonial history is recast with zombie penguins and contemporary life is haunted by prehistoric skulls and doppelgangers.

This is a diverse collection of contemporary stories from exciting new writers under 30 years of age.

The anthology includes bizarre, speculative and dystopic fiction by  Brianna Bullen, Freyja Catron, Maz Howard, Patrick Taylor, Svetlana Sterlin and Nick van Buuren.

Alpha Reader | Editor/Proofreader | Blurb

Freed from the magical bonds tying them to a tyrant king, Nora is forced to reconcile with the actions of her past and August’s emotions and magic run unchecked, threatening those around him.

Meanwhile, Evelyn is blackmailed to leave her home and finds herself trapped in Royal Bay at the mercy of King Dominic.

But a greater evil grows with each sacrfice to the Makers.



As far as the citizens of Valmenessia were concerned, Nora did not exist.

Alta. Elementum. Assassin. Spy.

In Valmenessia, the powerful rule in subtlety, like spiders weaving their invisible webs, and Nora prides herself on the role she plays in pulling those strings.After all, if she does not exist, why would her conscience?

Alpha reader | Proofreader

In a magical world where unethical laws are shrouded in speeches of justice and safety, the king moves to gain more control of the people he promised to protect. A divide is forming, lines are being drawn, and two women find themselves at a crossroads.

With lingering grief and a rising threat, Evelyn must decide where her fate lies. And Nora, first she needs the power to choose…


Luke D – QUT postgraduate student

“Emily is professional, efficient and always helpful in editing my academic papers. She makes careful considerations and has a great eye for detail for creating the most impact in my work. Very thankful and highly recommend her!”

Suzy England – author

“Emily’s work [is] nothing short of brilliant. I can’t find a single instance where I did not agree with her edits/suggestions. Her attention to detail is incredible—all the way down to researching if a certain pain medication would be available in a particular country. I also love her blurbs! Just stellar work all the way around.”

Rebecca Camm – author

“I’ve had a fantastic experience working with Emily and I would highly recommend her editing services. She has a wonderful manner, and I find her feedback constructive, clear, detailed, and encouraging. Her advice has not only shaped Liars and Light, but my writing as a whole. I look forward to many more years working together.”